'Mambo nomads', Paul Elliker

Painting of a disection of a volcano with colorful layers

Acrylic on canvas, 152.5 x 198 cm

My work depicts geological and landscape scenes including mountains, canyons and volcanoes. A major part in the process of making these paintings is the scouring of shops and markets for relevant material. It is during this search that the selection and editing process begins.

The low culture images appropriated nearly always reference some sort of romantic ideal or sublime act of nature. In contrast to romanticism’s religious symbolism, the paintings respond to our media-saturated environment, in which the natural world is processed, packaged and consumed many times over.

Mambo nomads is part of a series of works focussing more specifically on illustrations of geological phenomena. The analytical nature of these ‘cross sections’ is at odds with traditional and expressive illustrations of the landscape. This lack of expression is manifested in the use of flat acrylic colour, emphasising the artificiality of the images used.


Paul Elliker was born in Birmingham in 1979. He studied at Liverpool John Moores University 1998-2001. He showed in The small work show View Two Gallery Liverpool 2001, Plastic Journeys Hub Café Liverpool 2002 and Liverpool 8 Senate House University of Liverpool 2002. Since 2001 he has held numerous exhibitions with Philips Contemporary Art Manchester including the solo show Belle Vue 2003.