'Veil 14', Paul Winstanley

Painting a window with trees visible through the net curtain

Oil on canvas, 220 x 208.5 cm

My occasional series of paintings called Veil, begun in 1999, has grown and developed, becoming formally more simple while accumulating greater complexity of intent.This latest painting, derived from images of a room in Bloomsbury and a landscape taken on a trip to Northern Finland, attempts to create a meditation on the nature of seeing, on what can be only partially understood, and on the historical and cultural frameworks that nurture symbolism and meaning.


Paul Winstanley was born in Manchester in 1954. He studied at Lanchester Polytechnic 1972-73, Cardiff College of Art 1973-76 and the Slade School of Fine Art 1976-78. His first one-person exhibition was at the Riverside Studios London 1979, since when he has shown widely in the UK, Europe and the USA. Recent solo shows include Maureen Paley Interim Art London 1999, 2000 and 2003, 1301PE Los Angeles 2000 and 2002 and Vera Munro Hamburg 2004. This is his fourth appearance in the John Moores.