'Flowers in the woods', Paula Kane

Painting of flowers at the edge of a wood overlooking a lake and mountains

Oil on linen, 62 x 122 cm

I make paintings of imaginary landscapes. These are explorations of my misunderstanding of landscape, as experienced by myself, a city dweller and cultural tourist.

These images evolve from a variety of sources: drawings from memory of places visited and imagined, computer games played, cartoons watched, and paintings seen in museums and books, loosely quoted.

I am interested in genre and the received imagery that accompanies genre. I toy with what a ‘proper’ landscape might be. I use familiar languages to depict places that are reminiscent of somewhere, but unknowable and impossible, as they exist only in the collective memory.

I want to make happy paintings that explore my relationship with visual pleasure and the pleasure found in nature. This I pursue by referencing the sublime and the picturesque.


Paula Kane was born in Glasgow in 1970. She studied at Kent institute of Art and Design 1989-92 and Goldsmiths’ College 1994-96. She has held one-person exhibitions at Galerie Zurcher Paris 1999, Galleri Wallner Malmö 2000, Musée des Beaux-Arts Mons 2003 and emilyTsingou Gallery London 2004. Her group exhibitions include Small Objects of Desire City Gallery Leicester 1995, John Moores 20 1997 and 21 1999, Haunted by Happiness Jerwood Gallery London 2000 and Pepinieres Artists 2002 Graz 2003.