'Cross the Ts', Pedro Pedraja

Painting of a board game with symbols

Oil, acrylic, pigment and resin on canvas, 132.5 x 108 cm

My paintings are planned as self-contained structural crossroads where specific subjects meet according to internal rules. They are kaleidoscopic mirrors reflecting aspects of current society.

Each viewer will observe the work through a process of deconstruction and reconstruction. In order to lure the viewer in, the painting uses very specific features. Once empathy is established and full attention achieved, information can then be seen, read and coded in a language that the viewer feels comfortable with. The dialogue with the viewer exists in constant evolution and on many different levels.

With the above in mind, my paintings in their guts tackle, amongst other things:

Semiology and sociology and the way symbols and graphics apply to art, relate to each other and reflect the way we see ourselves and our environment. New technology and the huge capacity of computer technology to generate new codes and systems of communication quickly and with a high degree of logic and universality. The physical presence of paint as living matter and each of its manifestations on the canvas needs to be treated as an individual element, and given special care.The final image as a whole, as it were a system, game structure or any kind of living organism.


Pedro Pedraja was born in Spain in 1974. He studied at UPV, Bilbao 1997-2002. He won the Singer and Friedlander (Isle of Man) and Isle of Man Newspapers prize 2002 and has since been based in the Isle of Man, where he has been included in a number of group exhibitions. He was Artist in Residence at the Courtyard Gallery, Tynwald Mills, St. John’s 2003-4 and held a solo exhibition there in August 2004.