'Psychic disruption', Tim Le Breuilly

Painting of an abstract outdoor scene with the words 'psychic disruption'

Oil on canvas, 163 x 163 cm

“Drawing from a Surrealist curiosity in automatic drawing, Le Breuilly’s style possesses an almost compulsive manner in which strokes are repeated and cause forms to vibrate and shiver next to each other – where biomorphic forms jar and rupture against harsh jutting architectural outlines, each work mapping out fantastic and unfamiliar landforms. The compulsive ordering and geometricisation recalls Austin Osman Spare’s mystical landscapes and automatic drawings, while referencing Mantegna’s classical yet surreal landforms in paintings such as ‘Agony in the Garden’.”

“Yet within these landscapes lie cellular organisms, entopic imagery and microscopic forms and laws of recession and scale cease to apply and the very act of looking becomes a way in which to distort and alter perspectives. In addition to this, his inclusion of sigils (geometricised icons or astrological symbols) recreates drawing as a performance or ritual. Hence drawing itself becomes a kind of talisman for Le Breuilly.” (Isla Leaver-Yap; quoted by permission)


Tim Le Breuilly was born in Jersey in 1978. He studied at the University of Western England 1997-98 and the Slade School of Fine Art 1998-2002. His exhibitions include Four For 98 Berni Gallery, Jersey Arts Centre 1998, Black Hole Garage Theatre Bloomsbury 2000, Art Sauce John Jones Gallery 2002, Fish Bowl The Foundry Hoxton 2002 and group shows at The Generator and The Reading Rooms Dundee 2004.