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'The Park II', Sarah Pickstone

Painting of a park scene with snwo and leaves

Acrylic and oil on canvas, 220 x 320 cm


'Made as part of a group, the painting is one of five sharing the same title.

This park is both central to the city and at its edge; a parallel landscape with a boundary, familiar paths and borders.

I have returned to this place, this particular flower-bed, many times, and as I am looking into the hedgerow I think about the connection between public and private spaces and of how perception is often distorted by memory. I am curious about what I see; how to record the shifts of viewpoint and focus.

Despite being mistrustful of its easy appeal, its artifice, its politely accepted conventions and inescapable banality, I am a regular park-dweller.

The connections and separations between groups and individual park people are somehow mirrored by the formation of the birds, who move around unaware of the pattern of their alignment.'


Sarah Pickstone was born in Manchester in 1965. She studied at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in 1983-87 and the Royal Academy Schools in 1988-91, and was awarded a Rome scholarship 1991-92. Her recent exhibitions include public projects in Brixton and Clapham, London, 1996, 1999; McBurney YMCA New York, 1996; Veiling 26 rue Chatelaine Brussels 2000; three group exhibitions at Eremo di S. Caterina, Isola d’Elba, Italy 2000-2003, and the solo exhibition at The Park Platform, London 2004.