'Germinal', Andrea Medjesi-Jones

Colourful abstract painting with black outline shapes shaded with yellows and blues

Ink on paper, 135.5 x 161.5cm, 2005

Artist's statement

My work underlines the relationship between narrative and memory, working to establish a counterpart to, rather than a description of, the world, capable of containing its violence and excess. Distinctions between drawing and painting are deliberately blurred, creating a crossbreed of species and organisms that weave their stories into the texture of the canvas. Through simple marks, scenes of the conniving and murderous, voracious and lewd, are played out, demonstrating the absurd and the subversive.

The story goes from mouth to arse, from intimate to vulgar, marked by insatiable memory and bottomless hunger.


Andrea Medjesi-Jones was born in London in 1973. She studied at Goldsmiths College London 1995-98 and 2002-04. Her group shows include Photo Spin The Photographers’ Gallery London 2001, New British Painting, Part 2 John Hansard Gallery Southampton 2004 and the Celeste Art Prize The Well London 2006. She was Artist of the Day at Flowers Central London 2005 and had a solo exhibition Where Dove, Snake and Swine Convene at Toni Heath Gallery London 2006.