'Where's Whiskers?', Carolina Ambida

Pink painting of a cat with its left front paw raised

Oil on canvas, 35.5 x 28cm, 2006

Artist's statement

When I was about eight years old I made a drawing of a Persian cat. The librarian saw it and really liked it and had it framed and hung in the small library at the school. This was quite an honour.

However, not long after, when the librarian discovered that I had made the drawing from a book (on how to draw cats) he took my picture down in huff. I felt quite embarrassed. 'Where’s Whiskers?' was not painted with that in mind, but it does remind me of the incident.


Carolina Ambida was born in Manila in the Philippines. She has been a student at Goldsmiths College London since 2004. She has been featured in group exhibitions Studio 300 Show Goldsmiths London 2004, Mama Was a Rolling Stone Lewisham Arthouse London 2005, CONSTELLATION n. a gathering of emerging artists Nolias Gallery London 2005, Powderlux Red Gate Gallery London 2006 and Kick Art Nolias Gallery London 2006.