'Bird', Eliza Meath Baker

Painting of a small bird on a branch against a large black background

Oil on gesso on board, 61cm x 61cm, 2006

Artist's statement

I paint single heads, often the same people again and again, isolated from any wider context or possible narrative.

The series of bird paintings is an attempt to explore a similar subject - someone nowhere - without the constraints of likeness. The image derives from a childhood memory; the spontaneous drawing and discarding of brightly coloured creatures, often birds.


Eliza Meath Baker was born in 1964 in Wolverhampton. She studied in London at Camberwell School of Art 1986-87 and Chelsea College of Art and Design 1987-90. During 2005 she exhibited in Alzheimers Research Trust Show Menier Gallery London and at the MTV Studios London. In addition to working on a number of commissions, she exhibited in 2006 at Woodruff’s Barn Gallery West Sussex and in the Summer Exhibition Moncrieff-Bray Gallery West Sussex.