'Pierrot/Cavalier', Hugo Platt

Abstract lines and shapes on a grey/brown background

Oil, crayon, pastel and felt-tip on gesso on paper, 14.6 x 10cm, 2005

Artist's statement

The main subject of my work is the retrieval of memory through the painting process. This is one of a series of painted postcards, all of which are a remembered emotional response to and questioning of a specific historical image, in this case Fragonard’s 'Pierrot' in the Wallace Collection, London.

Through the mist of partial recollections and recognitions of the chosen historical image, a resolution of the formal qualities and possible figurative readings of the painted postcard has been sought. Elements have been added and subtracted in the successive cycles and the remnants of this process left evident in the surface.

The painting is deliberately open-ended, informed by a sense of the beauty and meaning of the fragmentary and incomplete, as well as the hope that it will appear gradually to the eyes so as to allow an exploration of the way paintings are made.


Hugo Platt was born in Ashbourne, Derbyshire in 1971. He studied at Edinburgh University 1990-94, the Courtauld Institute of Art London (studying painting conservation) 1995-98 and City and Guilds of London Art School 2002-03 (winning a prize for outstanding achievement.) His exhibitions include MA Degree Show City and Guilds of London Art School 2003, Art in the City Barlow, Lyde and Gilbert London 2004, Artpack group shows Thomas Eggar London 2004 and Shell Mexx Building London 2004, City and Guilds Alumni Kidd Rappinet London 2004 and Long Weekend Scholar’s House Studios London 2005.