'The Seducer', Jeff McMillan

A marine painting that has been turned upside down, with the bottom half of it covered in yellow paint

Oil on found painting, 51 x 61.5cm, 2005

Artist's statement

For many years I have collected second-hand oil paintings from boot sales and thrift shops. These form a curious compendium of subjects and styles. It’s only in the last couple of years that this collection has made its way into my studio to become a material part of the work.

'The Seducer' was made by submerging a found painting on canvas into a large container of yellow oil paint. My intention was to perform the simplest of actions, a minimal edit that might create ambiguity.

In this way I want to acknowledge the cannibalistic perversity of making a painting at this nihilistic point in history while at the same time using this viscous, highly chromatic medium to attempt to create a thing of beauty.


Jeff McMillan was born in Lubbock, Texas in 1968. He studied at Texas Tech University 1987-91 and the University of Alabama 1992-95. Since 1998 he has worked in London where he founded the occasional exhibition space PEARL in 2001. His group exhibitions include Retriever PEARL 2003, Think & Wonder, Wonder & Think Museum of Childhood London 2005 and Vernacular Standpoint Gallery London 2005. He was in John Moores 22 2002 and John Moores 23 2004. His solo shows in the USA include New Works at Finesilver Gallery San Antonio Texas in 2004.