'Niceday', Julian Wakelin

Black and white painting with a white border, black central rectangle containing five folded sheets of white paper

Oil on linen, 198 x 168cm, 2006

Artist's statement

The starting point for this painting was a small, dog-eared and somewhat tattered 2”x 4” biro drawing. This is one of a collection of drawings and found objects that I have pinned to my studio wall.

The drawing wasn’t kept because it was of any particular value or contained any specific memory but rather because it might contain some kind of potential for the making of a painting.

Using the drawing as a model enabled the painting to be made in a very direct manner. Quick to make, in four or five stages, the final outcome is part diagram, part painting. The process was partly systematic, partly intuitive and raises questions about making and unmaking, starting and finishing, communication, representation and abstraction.

The title of the painting, 'Niceday', is taken from a brand of envelope that I also have tacked to my studio wall, and from which the forms have their origins.


Julian Wakelin was born in Windlesham, Surrey in 1968. He studied at Harrogate College of Arts & Technology 1987-90 and Leeds Metropolitan University 1990-93. His exhibitions include Young Contemporaries Bonhams London 1994, Summer Show Royal Academy London 1999, We Am Painting Deborah House London 1999, Talking Painting (2-person show) Vertigo Gallery London 2002 and Sidelonging Neon Gallery London 2005.