'Out of Season', Penny Neville-Lee

Painting of a forest night scene with a single raised wooden cabin with a row of lights below the roofline

Oil on canvas, 60.5 x 70cm, 2004

Artist's statement

Each of my paintings is concerned with the isolation of specific yet intangible moments prompted by memory, photography and film.

Gathering images from everyday sources such as lifestyle magazines or my own photographs, I create scenes which, once stumbled across, gradually become assimilated into memories of places both real and imagined.

The settings are rarely glamorous or extraordinary but there is an aspirational desire bound up in the resulting painting; a desire generated by the mystery, shadow and enveloping cloak of dark forests and twilight woods which represents a longing to escape and embark upon an adventure.

The familiar anonymity of woodland enables the viewer to consider the nature of their past, present or future; anywhere from eastern Europe, middle America or indeed middle England. A nod to a wanderlust seldom acted on yet often dreamed of.


Penny Neville-Lee was born in Carshalton, Surrey in 1978. She studied at Worcester College of Technology School of Art & Design 1996-97, Loughborough University 1997-2000 (with 3 months at Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond VA 1999) and the Royal College of Art London 2000-02. Her exhibitions include Snow Transition Gallery London 2003, Forever Beautiful Clapham Art Gallery London 2004, Under the Bridge The Castleford Project Castleford 2005, The Valley Bloomberg Space London 2005 and Contemporary Art Society Art Futures Bloomberg Space London 2005.