'Domino', Philip Jones

Painting of a man with a black eye patch sat at a desk with a large bird in his right hand

Oil on linen, 226 x 173cm, 2006

Artist's statement

Domino. The White Hussar. The soldier, the scientist. The man of the future. Anti-matter, negative space. The black sun. The phantom zone. Inversion.

Stars, atoms. The leopard, the descent to Jupiter. A future now the past. Black gloss in a pale rococo room. Discovery, hope, consequences. A brave new world. Mist, geometry, crying paint, black roses, black tears. A ghost palace.

A painted world. Synthetic mythology. Paint and theatre. Space-time and dream debris. Baroque science-fiction. A fluid parallel dimension. Mobile matter. Change that remains the same. The recurrence of images, heroes and myths. The future and the past.


Philip Jones was born in Manchester in 1971. He studied at Stockport College of Further and Higher Education 1990-91, Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design London 1991-94 and the Royal College of Art London 1994-96. He has been awarded The British School at Rome’s Rome Scholarship in Painting 1997. His group exhibitions include New Contemporaries Tate Liverpool (touring) 1996 and Shattered Love Keith Talent Gallery London 2004. Solo exhibitions include Orpheus & Eurydice at Cornerhouse Manchester 1996 and Southampton City Art Gallery 1997 and The Cop FRED London 2005.