'A Happy Day', Sachiko Odashima

Painting of two rows of three women looking excitedly in the same direction with a blue sky and white clouds in the background

Oil on canvas, 91.3 x 71cm, 2006

Artist's statement

Today we see beauty in the artificial, removing imperfection to produce something we think is better; cosmetic surgery, botox, breast enlargements, anorexic bodies, fake tans and so on. We worship celebrity. We are all celebrity wannabes and fashion victims, fed by the weekly magazines and TV.

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. At the moment beauty is in the eye of the media: body conscious, skinny girls with long blonde hair and collagen lips.

I am quite interested in those girls in the magazines and I painted an amalgamation of stereotypes of them. As the title of my painting says, at least they are all happy and being themselves for that moment. Maybe they might find something more interesting than themselves and forget their act of artifice.


Sachiko Odashima was born in Japan in 1962. She studied at Chelsea College of Art London 1989-93. Her exhibitions include the Gwyl Gelf, Harlech Biennale Harlech Wales 1994 and Department of Transport Art Competition (1st prize) Mall Galleries London 1993. She was included in John Moores 18 1993.