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'In the Basement (Kit II)', James White

Photo realistic black and white painting of a drum kit

Oil and varnish on birch ply panel in perspex box, 75 x 103.5cm, 2006

Artist's statement

'The Snaps' (small scale black and white paintings, 2001 - present) have become part of a rigorous cataloguing process for me. The impulsive selection of random images of objects, places and friends contradicts the technique of the artworks’ production, which becomes an expressionless and calculated operation.

Ultimately, the aim is to make a contemporary ‘genre’ painting, one which has its roots in the conceptual use of photography in the late 1960s/early 1970s, and the objective Dutch painting of the 17th century.

With 'In the Basement (Kit II)', the electronic drum kit in its isolated location hints at the potential for wild, unchecked expression - an opportunity for the temporary regurgitation of the stresses of the world above.


James White was born in Tiverton, Devon in 1967. He studied at West Surrey College of Art and Design 1985-86 and at London’s Wimbledon School of Art 1986-89 and the Royal College of Art 1989-91. Group exhibitions in 2005 were God is bored of us FMCG London 2005 and Chambres a Part Hotel Sexx Paris. Solo shows include James White Gavin Turk’s studio London 1993, The Incidental Monumental 2 Modern Art London 1999, Atoll Fig-1 London 2000, Paradise Casey Kaplan Gallery New York 2000, Paintings Museum 52 London 2003 and United Elements MW Projects London 2004.