'Black Bile', Alex Gene Morrison

Painting showing a portrait of a hooded figure shrouded in black with only two blue eyes showing

Oil and collage (photo inkjet print) on linen,
213.5 x 152.5 cm, 2007

Artist's statement

Through various media - painting, video/animation and collage - I attempt to explore collisions of meaning, duality within imagery and a sense of the uncanny. The idea of seduction and repulsion is important within the work on both an aesthetic and conceptual level. The flux of multi-layered references flips us from anxiety to ecstasy, to melancholy, to horror. A hypnotic aesthetic binds it all together, in keeping with modern society's increasingly voracious appetite for quick-fix fulfilment. Inevitably we end up narcotized, adrift in the void, stuck in a perpetual loop. However, there is also a sense that through destruction there may be the possibility for renewal, for creation, metamorphosis and therefore evolution. All of this essentially occurs within the same alternate universe. From one work to another there is a potential nonspecific narrative link that forms a cast of characters, props and locations.


Alex Gene Morrison was born in Birmingham in 1975. He attended the Royal College of Art London 2000-02. Solo shows include 'Vile Lure' Rockwell Gallery London 2006, 'Adrift' The Fishmarket Northampton 2007 and 'New Dawn Assembly' Chapter Gallery Cardiff 2008. Group shows include 'F*****' Brilliant!!' Tokyo Wondersite Japan 2005, 'New London Kicks' Wooster Projects New York 2005, 'Metropolis Rise: New Art from London' Shanghai/Beijing 2006, 'Nature and Society' Dubrovnik Museums Croatia 2007, 'Icon' Primo Alonso Gallery London 2008 and 'The Past Is History' Changing Role Gallery Naples/Rome 2008. He lectures at City & Guilds of London Art School and was a founding member of Rockwell Gallery and Studios London 2002-07.

Please note: 'F*****' Brilliant!!' is not the actual name of this exhibition. We have amended the title on this website for firewall purposes.

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