'Dog', Gabriel Hartley

A painting of a black toy dog with red triangles on it. It is on wheels.

Oil, acrylic and gloss on canvas, 260 x 200 cm, 2007

Artist's statement

I make paintings, ceramics, wood carvings and painted photographs. The starting point is an image or a real item, which then becomes abstracted. My reaction to the source either copies and mimics parts of it, or acts to deny and change its presence. The object sometimes changes to the point that it becomes a completely different entity, for example the starting point may be a necklace but the image changes to that of a dog on wheels. My paintings are concerned with the abstract and abstraction and with the history of abstract paintings and sculpture. They are
painted with thick, heavily layered paint, which at times stands as a short hand for authenticity and questions the nature of authenticity in painting.


Gabriel Hartley was born in London in 1981. He studied at Chelsea College of Art and Design London 2002-05 and at the Royal Academy Schools London 2005-08. Recent exhibitions
include 'Harvest' Long and Ryle London 2005, 'Touch' Chelsea Future Space London 2007, 'Influx' Nolia's Gallery London 2007, 'Straight Edge' La Viande London 2007, 'Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2007' Club Row Rochelle School London (touring) and 'New Paintings' Parade Space London 2008. He was included in the 'Summer Exhibition' Royal Academy London 2006 and 2007.