'My Flag is Better than Yours', Geoff Diego Litherland

Painting of a large black spider-like shape with a rainbow stripe across the middle

Oil on linen on board, 100 x 100 cm, 2008

Artist's statement

Residing in multiple Latin American and European countries raises awareness of the arbitrariness of cultural heritage and identity. Responding to such a nomadic existence with its multifarious ideologies requires an unforgiving medium where the imperfections of reality cannot be glossed over. The primacy of paint and its ability to create visibly contrasting layers still allows for both a sense of the history of the medium and its genial denial. It is at the point at which the new collides with and intrudes on the old that something is revealed: bright, thickly brushed paint sits roughly atop of darker, scumbled marks, puncturing their pretentions. I regard everything in this painting as absolutely and unequivocally necessary, especially the sense of conflict.


Geoff Diego Litherland was born in Tehuacan, Mexico in 1979. He studied at Falmouth College of Arts 1999-2002. His group exhibitions include 'Drawing Out' Bonington Gallery Nottingham 2008, ' Spring Exhibition' J-Gallery Northampton 2008, 'Process' Southwell Artspace Nottinghamshire 2006 and 'BAC!' Tallers Mina Barcelona 2003. He has had residencies at the Sail Loft St Ives 2001 and Goldfactory Project Space Nottingham 2008. He won the 'Grand Jury Prize' for experimental film at Arizona Film Festival 2004. Forthcoming exhibitions include a solo show 'Multiverses' at Wallner Gallery Nottingham and a group show 'Goldsoundz'
Southwell Artspace which he is also curating.

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