'Opportuno III', Georgia Hayes

A painting of a yellow horse with a black face, that seems to be excited

Oil on canvas, 183.5 x 244 cm, 2007

Artist's statement

I met Oportuno in Ibiza three years ago. I bought him but it took me some months to do the deal and then get him home. It was risky as he was unknown but luckily he is even better than I thought he might be. After a while I began to think of trying to paint him. I'd had a 6 x 8 foot canvas for years and I thought I might use it for the
horse. Then it seemed too hard to do so I waited and put it out of my mind. I was in the middle of painting a series on animals in Africa. One day, on impulse, I went into the studio and started painting the horse. It is more or less life size.

The process of buying the horse was much the same as the way I try to paint. I go along with gut feelings, overcoming fright, trusting intuition and hoping for nice surprises. In the past my paintings have usually had humans in them but this painting, although domestic, belongs with the recent work on African animals.


Georgia Hayes was born in Aberdeen in 1946. She studied with painter Roy Oxlade 1977-82. Group exhibitions include '3x2' The Nunnery London 2002, 'East & South 1992' Norwich Gallery and
'15 Summer Exhibitions' at The Royal Academy London 1987-2007. Solo shows include 'Georgia Hayes Paintings' SFMOMA Artists Gallery USA 2002, 'Georgia Hayes Paintings & Drawings' Frederick Spratt Gallery San José CA 2003, 'What is Any Thing?' Cafe Gallery Projects London 2003, ' Georgia Hayes: Obra Escogida, Dibujaos Y Pinturas' Galeria Nacional Costa
Rica 2006 and 'Seeing the Wood for the Trees' HQ Gallery E Sussex 2008. She exhibited in 'John Moores 18' 1993.

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