'No Place', Georgina Amos

Painting showing a mechanical dog on a grey background

Acrylic paint and plastic packaging on linen, 150 x 150 cm, 2007

Artist's statement

Painting's inescapable relationship to surface has inspired my recent work. The medium is not separate, but describes the content. I form a relief by sticking discarded packaging on to the canvas, and then layering on a surface of acrylic colour to create
a new aesthetic reading of the object. Painting over the surface of the packaging serves to reveal its shape while simultaneously concealing what may be behind it.

Camouflage and secrecy has become important in my investigation of communicating through visual means. Through the surface I emphasize the oscillation between the illusion of making a flat image seem three-dimensional and the reality of the material. Building up further layers of paint and masking areas at each stage, I finally peel away these areas to reveal the image. The work is hidden to me for the duration of making the painting.

The shapes I mask are derived from amalgamations of forms I see in the world and are unrecognisable as any specific entity, lying between the figurative and the abstract. I am particularly interested in objects which do not communicate visually, such as satellite dishes and telephone wires, and in using their visual forms to explore and re-build new understandings of their original function.


Georgina Amos was born in Cambridge in 1982. She studied at Chelsea College of Art and Design London 2001-04 and will
attend The Slade School of Fine Art London 2008-10. Exhibitions include 'Kettle's Yard Open 2004' Kettle's Yard Cambridge, 'Abstract Landscapes Exploring Communication in Painting' (solo) Churchill College Cambridge 2005, 'Abstract Paintings Questioning the Possibility of Communication' (two person) Toni Heath Gallery London 2005, 'Gilchrist Fisher Award' (2nd prize) Rebecca Hossack Gallery London 2006, ' Enclosed Gardens' Long & Ryle Gallery London 2006, 'Art is Abstract' CCA Cambridge 2007. Shortlisted, 'Celeste Art Prize' 2006. Work is in the collections of Cambridge University and Chelsea College of Art.

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