'Frightened Rabbit ', Gerard Hemsworth

A painting of a grey background with cartoon dust clouds where something has run away

Acrylic on canvas, 212.5 x 228 cm, 2007

Artist's statement

How does art retain its value and remain questioning and critical? How does it avoid being merely a product of the time in which it was produced, easily consumed and assimilated, and like newness, transitory and replaceable? Clearly, innovation is not enough. For new art to remain significant and continue as a viable proposition, it must continue to critically engage, which means it has to transcend the circumstances which enabled it to be produced in the first place. For artists, the recognition of value is often a leap of faith.


Gerard Hemsworth was born in London in 1945. He studied at St. Martin's School of Art London 1963-67 and is Professor of Fine Art at Goldsmiths College University of London. His solo exhibitions include 'A Question of Rhetoric' Galeria Luis Serpa Projectos Lisbon 2007 and 'Gerard Hemsworth: Mushrooms in the Rain' Galeria Brito Cimino São Paulo 2005. Recent group exhibitions include 'Salon Connexions' Contemporary Art Projects London 2006, 'Sweetness & Light' Marksman Gallery Reading 2006 and 'Doubleuse' The Nunnery London 2007. He exhibited in 'John Moores 5' (junior section) 1965,' John Moores 21' 1999, 'John Moores 22' 2002 and 'John Moores 24' 2006.