'Cornerways', Jake Clark

A painting of two bungalows surrounding by gardens and bright flowers

Oil and fablon on canvas, 90 x 115.3 cm, 2007

Artist's statement

'Cornerways' is part of a series of paintings focusing on a fictional seaside place. This place is a holiday utopia that has seen better days. My main subject matter at the moment is bungalows. These interest me because they act like modernist blocks in the landscape and suggest a particular atmosphere. I like the way that in English coastal towns the buildings have a kind of faded quality. To make the work I begin by sticking vinyl patterns to the surface of a painting. Abstract marks are laid on top of these. An image made from collaged photographs is then painted over this ground.

Parts of this vinyl are left uncovered and could represent the interior decor of the buildings depicted. I take my own photographs in strong sunlight to bring out the colour and shadows. I am fascinated by how a photograph can be broken up and rebuilt during the painting process. Resorts have always been a pivotal part of my work. These recent paintings are a
continuation of this. I am trying to create a sense of sun-drenched nostalgia with some sort of impending doom. In Bret Easton Ellis's recent novel 'Lunar Park' he talks about the paint peeling off a present-day house, revealing his childhood house underneath. There is a blurring between fiction and his own past. Via collage, pattern and painting styles, I am attempting to deal with similar sorts of ideas.


Jake Clark was born in London in 1966. He attended Falmouth School of Art 1985-86, Derbyshire College (photography) 1986-89, Brighton Polytechnic 1989-91 and the Royal College of Art London 1991-93. Exhibitions include 'Reverse Engineering' Pearl London 2002, 'The Lone Ranger' James Coleman Gallery London 2003, 'Emergency' Aspex Gallery Portsmouth 2004, 'The Vernacular' Standpoint Gallery London 2005, 'Dog Days' (solo) Gasworks Gallery London 1995, 'Drip Grot' Foster Art London 2006, 'O Dreamland' Greatstone Kent 2007 and 'The Painting Room' Transition Gallery London 2008. He exhibited in 'John Moores 18' 1993 and 'John Moores 22' 2002.

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