'Mechanical Coat', Louisa Chambers

A painting of a blue and grey coat made from random mechanical objects

Acrylic and oil on canvas, 50.2 x 40.3 cm, 2008

Artist's statement

Constructing with shapes influenced by games, architecture and technology are often starting points within my recent practice. When painting, the shapes transform into joining blocks which, when slotted together, become ridiculous inventions. These
inventions are often symbolic to my own personal narratives and dream spaces. Sometimes they are humorous due to their playful aesthetic. Often they are clunky and fragile, never being able to function.

They originate from sources derived from modernist ideals concerning play and objects that assist humans in a temporary,
placeless world. In particular Mechanical Coat becomes alive and functional when one puts it on. If you are threatened it is able to shoot out substances through the holes of the coat. In contrast with modernist utopian ideals, Mechanical Coat conjures up dystopian feelings where the object is threatened in the space as it is under attack and needs protection. I enjoy this conflict etween ideas and realisation but also the friction of falling in and out of personal dreamscapes.


Louisa Chambers was born in Northampton in 1983. She attended Surrey Institute of Art and Design 2001-05 and the Royal College of Art London 2005-07. She lives and works in London,
where she has exhibited in group shows 'Matches and Petrol' A & D Gallery 2006, 'The Great Exhibition' Royal College of Art 2007, 'My Penguin' 39 2007 and 'East End Arts Show' Shoreditch Town Hall 2007. In 2008 she was included in 'I Regret to Inform You' Madam Lillies London and ''00 Nature' Contemporary Art Projects London.

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