'Watchtower with Green Stick', Mie Olise Kjægaard

Painting of a shed-like building on stilts with a long green stick laying against one side

Acrylic and polymer on canvas,190 x 185 cm, 2007

Artist's statement

I am a painter and sculptor, working with abandoned constructions - architecturally and psychologically. These contrast, question and underline their site specific premises, dealing with an idea of abandoned space and the uncanny. They also evoke ideas of (extremist) sect communities. My work concentrates on something I call 'porous constructions.' Abandoned empty shells: mines, cargo ships, watchtowers, barns and sheds - left for something else to happen, to mourn or just to keep an open mind about. A mutation; an inhabitation; a penetration; extending themselves in unlikely ways. As a painter, I find scrap photos, mostly places I haven't been to myself, and therefore don't really know. I build and add to machinery-like constructions.

The paintings are approached with dogmatic rules about strokes, colours and transparency, rules to bump against and crash. As a constructor of huge wooden structures, I first make small scale models and investigate the sites. Each site is different and offers new paradigms. In 2007 I travelled to the Russian abandoned
city, The Pyramid, near the Polar Circle and examined the architecture of its society and the mine constructions. This is the basis for my ongoing project about Utopian ideas falling to the ground.


Mie Olise Kjærgaard was born on Mors, Denmark in 1974. She studied at A-Aarch Aarhus DK/ The Bartlett London 1995- 2001, Central Saint Martins London (graduated 2007), and undertakes
the ISCP New York 2009-10. London group shows include 'Celeste Art Prize' 2007 Old Truman Brewery (finalist), '4 New Sensations' (Saatchi Gallery/Channel 4 competition) Old Truman Brewery 2007, 'Tipping Point' Purdy Hicks Gallery 2008 and a two-person show (forthcoming) Standpoint Gallery 2008. Solo shows include 'Mutated Small Town Limbo' Roskilde Gasworks DK 2007 and 'Penetrating Pores of Construction' Barbara Davis Gallery Houston USA 2008.

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