'Sometimes We Sense the Doubt Together', Roland Hicks

A painting of the sole of a shoe with a red sticky substance sticking to it and the floor

Oil on canvas, 153 x 122 cm, 2006

Artist's statement

I'm interested in taking banal everyday items and then throwing their status into confusion by lavishing inappropriate levels of attention on them. 'Sometimes We Sense The Doubt Together' is one of a series of paintings documenting the amorphous forms created by the convergence of shoe sole, hot pavement and discarded gum. I hope the resultant image retains its mundane origins while simultaneously suggesting a collision of anatomy, geology, pop-culture, abstract expressionism, sci-fi/fantasy and
memento mori.


Roland Hicks was born in Aldershot in 1967. He attended West Surrey College of Art & Design 1986-87, Winchester School of Art 1987-90, The Slade School of Art London 1994-96, and undertook a Fine Art Research Fellowship (Painting) at Cheltenham College of Art 1997-98. Solo exhibitions are 'New Paintings' 97-99 Gallery London 1999, 'I Can't Help Myself' The Market London 2002, 'Nothing Can Stop Us Now' Hiscox Artprojects London 2003 and 'Give Me Every Little Thing' Oriel Davies Gallery Newtown (touring) 2007. Group shows include 'NatWest Art Prize' (runner-up) 'othbury Gallery London 1999 and 'BlowUp - New Painting and Photoreality' St Pauls Gallery Birmingham 2004.

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