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'Bruegel Camp', Neal Jones

Image of a painting of a night time scene with caravans and tents on a beach

Oil on wood, 42.7 x 31.2 cm, 2007

Artist's statement

In my landscape painting I aim to strike a muddy balance between the romantic and the realistic. After a disappointing camping trip to the Lake District, overpopulated with tourism and fudge, I was eager to communicate in 'Bruegel Camp' the discomfort and humour of hopeful bodies in the wilds, sheltering in various ascetic modern pods.

In painting I look for the abstract and poetic. I often choose clumsy marks to decorate holy fools and to show nature as a battlefield, not picturesque but gothic and insanely rich. I use a simple palette and humble materials and try to imbue them with magic and history. I am a fan of early religious art for its grounded structures and flights of the imagination.


Born in Liverpool in 1969, Neal Jones was raised in Blackpool. He attended Canterbury College of Art and Design 1989-92. Since 2000 he has painted in a self-built London allotment studio. Following a bursary to study at The Prince's Drawing School
London 2003, he taught there 2006. His exhibitions include 'The Drawing Year' Alberto Vilar London 2004,' The Discerning Eye' Mall Galleries London 2005, 'Travelling Drawings' Kensington Palace London 2008 and 'Summer Exhibition' Purdy Hicks London 2008. 'The Kindling Gallery', his online landscape gallery and cooperative, launches in 2008.

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