'THERE YOU ARE!', Cornelia Baltes

Black outline of a hand pointing at a painting of red squares

2010, Acrylic on canvas and wall, 310 x 220 cm

Artist's statement

The general source of my work is the observation of daily life. I try to point out small things that touch me and create paintings that combine simplicity with a sense of humour. My relationship with painting is rooted in its potential for energy and gesture
which offers me a directness not found in another medium.
I want my paintings to be enjoyable to look at.

I want the viewer to catch my idea of beauty - hidden in simplicity - in a small gesture, in bright colour, through capturing the essence of an easy idea.

My painting 'THERE YOU ARE!' reveals a turning point in my recent work. I was questioning the depiction of figures in my paintings with this big abstract painting on canvas. The idea of the finger appeared suddenly. By adding this finger on the wall, it demanded that I looked at my painting anew. Then I discovered that I had completed my work. The viewer gets involved in an action by responding to the sign as if to obey. On the other hand the viewer remains outside the painting, simply an observer.

I called this picture 'THERE YOU ARE!' because with this spontaneous gesture of painting the finger, I felt I had somehow provided an answer to my enquiry.


Cornelia Baltes was born in Moenchengladbach, Germany in 1978. She studied at the University of Wuppertal 2000-03, the Folkwang University of Art Essen 2003-06 and attended the Pentiment Summer Academy Hamburg (scholarship holder) 2006.

She is currently undertaking postgraduate study at The Slade School of Fine Art London 2009-11. Selected group exhibitions include 'Außenstelle No.2' Forum for Art and Architecture Essen
2005, 'Chez Nous' Kunsthaus Essen 2007, 'Love Stories' GAM Galerie am Museum Essen 2007, 'Die Große Kunstausstellung NRW Düsseldorf' Stiftung Museum Kunst Palast Düsseldorf
2008 and 'EXHIBITIONISM:The Art of Display' The Courtauld Institute of Art London 2010.