'Multiplicity Study', Edward Coyle

abstract painting of a building

2009, Oil and black gloss on canvas, 119.2 x 164 cm

Artist's statement

I am intrigued by architectural and constructional processes; the accumulation of plans, materials and structures, and the way that each stage in this process sequentially obscures the previous stage as construction advances, brick by brick, towards its intended conclusion. A vast body of architecture exists only in the realm of the unbuilt, in the form of ideas, drawings or models. To engage in dialogue with these unrealised projections allows us to read beyond the surface of buildings, into the life of architecture. My paintings represent my own (falsified) documentation of a building's existence, where both real and invented architectural features percolate space. The painted layers of architectural structures can refer to the past, present or future of a building as well as the unrealised futures of any abortive projections.

I use sampled architectural imagery taken from architectural plans and conceptual designs, as well as from memory and imagination. I work these sampled structures or planes up onto canvas and then expand, disassemble or destroy them with each new layer of paint. This is an automatic editing process that eventually reveals the remnants and potential developments of a building's existence. The resulting works show an oscillation between the real and abstract, the temporary and the constant.


Edward Coyle was born in Oxford in 1985. He studied at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne 2004-08 and at The Princes Drawing School London 2008-10. His work has featured in 'Artisjustaword' St Annes College Oxford 2003, at The Long Gallery Newcastle upon Tyne 2007, in 'Northern Graduates 08' The Curwen and New Academy Gallery London 2008 and 'New Painting's Light Bar London 2009. He was nominated in the top ten student artists by the Editor of Saatchi Online 2008 and was long-listed for 'Bloomberg New Contemporaries' 2009.