'YLLW240', Stuart Cumberland

yellow and black abstract painting

2009, Oil and alkyd on linen, 240 x 190.3 cm

Artist's statement

Every painting is an index of the place it was made, be it the Royal Palace for Velasquez, the solitary studio (costume and mirror) for Rembrandt, the lonely bedroom for Van Gogh or the crowded 'Factory' for Warhol. My paintings are emblems of a place where, alone and in a detached manner, I am able to commence painting by dropping my trousers and pants to my ankles and howling the names of my forebears.

Wielding a wide brush or roller loaded with dripping paint I do not consider myself to be so different to the suburban so-called s*xual deviants who install a wet room for s*x and p*ssing in the second bedroom of the house. These, my paintings, reflect a studio (a site like a wet room but less domestic and more market orientated) where the commonly repressed desires to slosh about and make a mess are processed and mediated.


Stuart Cumberland was born in Hampshire in 1970. He studied at Bath School of Art 1989-92 and The Royal College of Art London 1997-99 (awarded the RCA Saatchi Fellowship 1999- 2000). He is a lecturer and researcher at Westminster University. Solo shows are ' Congratulations' The Approach London 2007, 'Fort/Da' The Approach 2009, 'Stuart Cumberland' Maruani &
Noirhomme Gallery Knokke Belgium 2009, 'Stuart Cumberland: Comma 10' Bloomberg Space London 2009 and ' Gone/There' Nicholas Robinson Gallery New York 2010.

Group shows include 'The Way We Work Now' Camden Arts Centre London 2005 and 'What Kind of Painting?' Sprüth Magers Projekte Munich 2008.

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