'Untitled', Adam Fearon

Wooden frame with red fabric draping down one side

2009, Sheet of pure acrylic paint over wooden stretcher, 57 x 40.5 cm

Artist's statement

In my work, which encompasses many different media including photography, installation and performance, I have always been fascinated by the idea of the surface; its elusiveness, its intangibility and its dominating role in our society. With this piece I wanted to separate the paint from its canvas support: layers of acrylic paint were built up on glass, peeled off and then stretched and folded over a traditional wooden stretcher so that it is the surface itself which is used to make an image.


Born in Dublin in 1984, Adam Fearon attended the National College of Art & Design there 2003-07 (Student of the
Year 2007). Solo projects are 'The Red Soil' Bharat Nivas Gallery Pondicherry India 2005, 'I am a Photograph' Monster Truck Gallery Dublin 2006. Group shows include 'The Book of Ideas' Art Scene
Warehouse Shanghai 2005, 'The BiG Store' Temple Bar Gallery & Studios Dublin 2007, 'Won't Get Fooled Again' Café Gallery Projects London 2008, 'Cat House Camp' Arts Admin London 2008, 'Depot Untapped' artsdepot London 2009, and 'Certain things are hidden in order to be shown' (2 person) Occupy
Space Limerick 2010.