'Drip', Damien Flood

Brown backround with small shadowy rainbow

2009, Oil on cotton, 30 x 40 cm

Artist's statement

My work situates itself between fact and fiction. The paintings I create are modern landscapes that reference the history of painting with an underlying otherworldly element. They can be seen as visual contradictions and incomplete. We are not sure
what time period we are in, what place we are facing or even what planet we are on.

The scenes often don't add up. This can be because the world painted is on an immeasurable, microscopic scale or they are carefully incomplete. They appear paradoxical in nature. I employ the tactic of incompleteness to leave the work open to the viewer and ask more questions than I give answers. I am interested in the language of paint and how it can be employed to suggest many different notions and can be used in such a way as to transport the viewer to another time and place.

With the piece 'Drip' the name suggests the action of paint dripping and becoming something else. Here it has multiplied and become what looks like a rainbow but seems to be casting a shadow, suggesting it is solid. This oddity has been taken out of the landscape and been given centre stage to be scrutinized and wondered over.


Damien Flood was born in Dublin in 1979. He studied at Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology Co. Dublin 1999-2003 and the National College of Art & Design Dublin 2006-08 (MFA). He gained the National College of Ireland Purchase Award 2008. Group shows include 'Saatchi Emerging Artists
Booth' SCOPE Art Fair London Oct 2008, 'Mark' Oonagh Young Gallery Dublin 2008, 'Anopseudonymous' 500 Dollars London 2009 and 'Dawning of an Aspect' Green on Red Gallery Dublin 2009. Solo shows include 'Counter Earth' Green on Red Gallery 2010. He exhibited in 'John Moores 25' 2008.