'Untitled (Dopamine - Molecule of Intuition)', Mikey Georgeson

Colourful portrait

2009, Oil on canvas, 60 x 60 cm

Artist's statement

Painting the act of blowing a bubble feels like an interstice between a Newtonian view of life and a more quantum sense of spirituality. My 'Tragicosmic' paintings are a distillation of a desire to capture what I consider to be episodic globules in the glistening, sticky fluid called paint. They are all from vignettes in my life when events are inexplicably book-ended. I imagine them as images forming in a primordial quantum soup. I am buoyed by feeling part of a slow-motion explosion that fleetingly forms into coherent constellations, and painting is simultaneously the expression and manifestation of this.

My art stems from a desire to live in the here and now coupled with the nausea of seeing those yellow police signs on the street that say, Life is cruel. Painting enables me to simultaneously examine life as it is and as other than as it is. I am suspicious of painterly flourishes yet drawn to the transcendental effects of gloopy pigment. "To see that which is under your nose requires a constant struggle", said George Orwell and, indeed, the bubble in the painting is a fleeting moment hovering between struggle and whim right under my nose.


Born in 1967 in Bexhill-on-Sea, Mikey Georgeson attended Worthing College of Art 1985-86, Chelsea School of Art London 1986-1989 and Brighton University 1989-91. Group exhibitions include 'Wapobaloobop' Transition Gallery London 2008, 'Legends of Circumstance' Whitecross Gallery London 2009, Bargate Gallery Southampton 2010 & Liverpool Biennial 2010. London solo shows are 'My Magic Life' Sartorial Art 2008, Father, Son & Holy Smoke Bear Gallery 2009, 'Tragicosmic' Sartorial Art 2010. London performance art includes 'Mr Solo' Whitechapel Gallery 2009, and in 2010 'Artist As Scapegoat' Norn Projects, 'Return of the Repressed' Portman Gallery, 'This Happy Band' South London Gallery. Sings in David Devant & His Spirit Wife.