'Crook', Chris Hamer

Abstract painting using grey, white and pink.

2010 Acrylic on canvas 25.5 x 20.5 cm

Artist's statement

The calm facture of my paintings contrasts with an interplay of plane and depth, which leads to a tension between the abstract quality of the images and the subjects suggested.

I abstain from planning by instigating a non-linear state in which colours from one image are transposed onto another. Continued application and removal leads to a fluid relationship between layers of paint, which are then fixed in the final work.


Chris Hamer was born in Bolton in 1970 and studied at Leeds Polytechnic 1989- 92. He was the Co-Chair of Object Studios Limited, Manchester 1995-1997 and lectures in Contextual Studies at Mid-Chester College (for Chester University). His exhibitions include Leeds Open Exhibition Leeds City Art Gallery 1992, Art of the Sacred Egton Priory North Yorkshire 1993, Manchester Academy of Fine Art Manchester City Art Gallery 1993, Stockport Open Stockport Art Gallery 1994, Object One 29 John Dalton Street Manchester 1994, Compartment Rogue Studios Manchester 2005 and Mini-Series 85 Rockdove Avenue Manchester 2006.