'Frau Troffea', Andy Harper

Abstract painting using greens and earthy colours

2009, Oil on canvas, 45 x 40 cm

Artist's statement

Bishops, popes and Papal Councils had for centuries tried to suppress such frivolity. Geiler thundered that it was 'the ruin of the common people'. Dance might even, people said, expose poor sinners to the enchantments of the Devil. It certainly, they insisted, led to untold bastard children. But when the opportunity arose, the common people got to their feet to dance because it felt so good. Rapid rhythmic motion was invigorating, liable to give them the transporting rush and long moments of welcomed amnesia. It acted like an opiate on the mind, soothing and enervating. All of a sudden they were less frighteningly alone.

('A Time To Dance, A Time To Die' by John Waller, 2008)


Born in Hertfordshire in 1971, Andy Harper attended Brighton Polytechnic 1990-93, the Royal College of Art London 1993-95 and Middlesex University 1997-99. With Abigail Reynolds he runs Assembly, a live/work space in St. Just, Cornwall. He teaches at
Goldsmiths College, London. Group shows include 'Darkness Visible' Galway Arts Centre Ireland 2007, 'Curious Nature' 2007 and 'Wastelands' 2008 Newlyn Art Gallery and East End Academy Whitechapel Gallery London 2009. Solo exhibitions include 'New
Paintings' One in the Other London 2008, 'Recent Paintings and Works on Paper' Danese Gallery New York 2009 and 'An Orrery for Other Worlds' Aspex Portsmouth 2010. In 'John Moores 24',