'3D painting No.1 (experiments with colour reflection)', Phil Illingworth

Wooden sculptural art work with painted shapes

2010, Acrylics, blue household emulsion, gesso and MDF, 30.5 x 50.5 cm

Artist's statement

I have been returning to and re-examining the basics and this has become a rich and absorbing source of inspiration for me. This piece is the first of a series of explorations into the interaction of light, plane, surface and colour, and the varying and sometimes
surprising ways in which colour reflects to alter the surfaces around it. I also wanted the unpredictability of changing light conditions to play a part. I sought to experiment with observations pared back to a few fundamental premises; in this instance using nonrepresentational shapes, simple colour, and hues which seem almost 'mute'. On the one hand this is a magician's conceit - making colours appear out of nowhere; on the other it is the opposite, laying bare some of the mechanics of the magic of light.

I see this work very much as a progression. To some extent it represents a return to basic principles, yet it does so in a way which, at a personal level, both re-informs and revitalises. As a continuation of my practice, it coincides with a long-held interest in
testing what I see as a kind of emotional hybrid between two and three dimensions.


Phil Illingworth was born in 1955 in Yorkshire. He studied at Portsmouth College of Art 1975-78 and spent much of his earlier career as a graphic designer. His group shows include '101 CryBaby' Gallery Asbury Park NJ USA 2008, 'Mink Schmink' WW Gallery London 2009, 'Affluenza' 187-211 St John Street (temporary space) London 2009, 'PG: Parental Guidance' WW Gallery 2009, 'Travelling Light' WW Gallery and Pharos Gallery London 2009 then '53rd Venice Biennale' 2009, 'Come Together' CoExist + Metal Southend 2009, 'Time' WW Gallery 2010. The solo show 'Little Gods' was at GASP Portsmouth in 2009.