'Suspended Animation', Michael Miller

Shiny black painted surface with ripples

2010, Black 'International' exterior gloss on canvas, 153.5 x 112 cm

Artist's statement

Suspended Animation is a painting that reflects the event it sees. Mirror gloss surfaces are disturbed by the interaction between areas of uncured paint flowing beneath the surface tension. The paint's internal movement literally characterises the drip, the belly - the stretch marks seen on the surface skin. Each painting's form is governed by the dynamics of the making process and continues to change its face until it finds its own resting point.

The reflections hold the observer as subject, the space as containment and, voyeuristically, they hold the performance of the moment, confined within the surface as it plays out. I can only set up and direct the process, wait for the surface to dry and then enjoy the peace as the paint begins to flow and the painting forms itself.


Born in Bowden, Cheshire in 1965, Michael Miller lived his formative years on the edge of the Peak District, Derbyshire.
He studied biochemistry in Manchester 1983-86 then fine art at University of Wales Cardiff 1994-96, and tutored there until 1997. From 1997-2009 he worked in the automotive industry innovating and developing a design and prototyping process for surface
aesthetics. He returned to painting in 2009. He exhibited in MA Degree Show Cardiff 1996, at Art Space Bristol 1997 and has a forthcoming installation of new work at St Mary's Church Wirksworth Derbyshire as part of the Wirksworth Festival September 2010.