'Prehistoric Sex Machine', Matthew Mounsey

Cartoon-like painting featuring a white skull

2009, Acrylic on canvas, 150 x 135 cm

Artist's statement

Doodles, folk art, cave painting and graffiti are all things I like. I want my paintings to be as free as a thumbnail sketch, to have a look of ease about them.

Recently I have been doing small drawings. Ill make them and they will inform my paintings. I dont do paintings from drawings but they play an important role. I always hope for the unexpected to happen. Flatness and form is something I like to mix in my work; two or more worlds meeting and living in the same space.


Born in London in 1967, Matthew Mounsey attended City and Guilds of London Art School 1986-89 and the Royal Academy Schools London 1997- 2000. Group shows include 'Defrosted Refrigerator' Studio London 1995/6, 'W&N Young Artist of the Year' Mall Galleries London 1996, various Cricket Hill Gallery New York 1998-2000, 'RA Schools Show 2000' Royal Academy of Arts London, Keith Talent Gallery London (drawing show, toured USA) 2003 and 'Summer Exhibition' Royal Academy of Arts 2009. London solos include 'Paradoxical Serendipity' Bruton Street Gallery 1993 and at his open studio 'Painting and Drawing' 2007, 'Dream On' 2008, 'Drawing on the Brain' 2009.