'To the Left', Jost Münster

Urban looking mosaic of different textured panels

2009, Mixed media on wood, 242 x 368 cm

Artist's statement

Jost Münster's works experiment with colour and the painted surface, exploring the reaches of representation. Working from his urban surroundings, Münster strips away pictorial detail and flattens and collages surfaces with abstract, mosaic-like colour swatches and backgrounds. Using shapes and silhouettes derived from the interplay between architecture and the painterly aspects of the everyday, a new and subtle vocabulary of forms and references is forged. The works both invite a genuinely formal response, but also question their own status as either paintings or sculptures. This type of distinction establishes the backdrop to his oeuvre as the presence of a set of possibilities that remain significantly undefined.

With a distinct musicality the interplay of forms and textures resonates within a series of individual works, and equally as an installation bound by a varying use of rhythms, speeds, punctuations and chords of colour. These move seamlessly throughout. His work offers a playful and subtle figuration. By continually subtracting points of reference, it treads a fine line between being weathered and depleted, and conversely, entirely full of fresh content. The painterly marks that obscure and delete become potent and colourful scapes.


Born in Ulm, Germany in 1968 Jost Münster studied at The Fine Art Academy Stuttgart 1990-98 and Goldsmiths College London 2002-03. Group exhibitions include 'Artfutures' Bloomberg Space London 2007, 'Layer Cake' Fabio Tiboni Arte Contemporanea Bologna 2007, 'Thames Mudlarks' CTRL Houston Texas 2008, 'Hypersurface FX' Margini Arte Contemporanea Massa Italy 2009, 'Celestial Suitcase' 476 Jefferson Street NY 2009, 'A Sort of Night to the Mind...' [abbreviated] Herbert Read Gallery Canterbury 2009, 'Mexican Blanket' Museum 52 London 2010, 'Urban Origami' PM Gallery & House London 2010. Recent solos are 'Ground Control' Museum 52 2010, 'Refuge' Kunstverein Friedrichshafen Germany 2009. Exhibited in 'John Moores 24' 2006.