'Witness', Sabrina Shah

People with animal-like faces

2009, Acrylic on canvas, 152.2 x 183 cm

Artist's statement

Whatever one's calling in life, a lawyer, an actress, a teacher, a rapper, a famous sports star, a humble husband or wife or an artist, I believe commitment and self expression are very important.

As the viewer you are often the judges of our fate. Good reviews can determine an artist's career. Bad reviews can just as easily destroy. We can guide and influence as best we can through the most effective means. My paintings have always been my most
powerful means of self expression.

The main inspiration for my work has been the theatre. Initially fascinated by the stage - the space for characters, lighting and emotional outpouring - I then viewed the performance from the audience's perspective; how important their role is to a performance as the ultimate arbiters of success.

Someone will rarely allow you to influence and change his or her subconscious. But unknowingly our audiences present us with an opportunity to do that.


Sabrina Shah was born in Worcestershire in 1986. She studied painting at Brighton University 2006-09 and scenic art at the
Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts London 2009. She will attend The Prince's Drawing School London from September 2010. Exhibitions include 'Pigment Freud', 'Burt Brill & Cardens Graduate Show' University Gallery Brighton 2009 (prizewinner), 'The Open West' Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum 2010 (2nd prizewinner) and 'West Midlands Open 2010' The Gas Hall Birmingham. Solo shows include 'Face Painted' Lydea Café (gallery space) Brighton 2009 and 'It's Show Time' Agar Galleries Henley on Thames 2009.