'Helter Skelter Runway', Annabelle Shelton

Seaside fairground scene

2009, Watercolour paint, watercolour pencil and graphite pencil on aluminium, 53 x 74 cm

Artist's statement

Amongst the foliage I peer across the shore at a quasi-fairground on the beach that animates the landscape. All sorts of things enter my mind. It is neither positive nor negative. I either want to participate or abstain. I want to frolic within the scene but it is not all there and not all safe. 'Helter Skelter Runway' is part of a series, 'Helter Skelter', where clips are taken from an English beach. The beach has become a personal, psychological landscape and many ideas are worked into the compositions. They are created like mindful assault courses of disposition and optimism.

The unfinished look of the work is deliberate, as the white negative space is like a void of nothingness but also gives us a resting space amongst the painting. White space is often present in my work and signifies that which does not need to be said. The intention of my work is subtle and necessary in its rendering, for the quietness.


Born in London in 1968, Annabelle Shelton attended Staffordshire University Stoke on Trent 1989-92 and UCE Birmingham 1997-2001. Exhibitions include 'The Discerning Eye' Mall Galleries
London 2005 (drawing bursary finalist), ' The Figure Show' Jill George Gallery London 2006, 'Art Chicago' 2006 (with Jill George Gallery), 'Conjunction 06 'Transpositions'' Airspace Stoke on Trent, 'Articulated Landscapes' Three White Walls Birmingham 2007 (solo), 'Diffusion of Useful Knowledge' (her studio,
curator/exhibitor) Milton Keynes 2009, ' Presents' ('Market Project' collaboration) Wysing Arts Centre Cambridge 2010 and
'5' Aberystwyth Arts Centre 2010. Exhibited in art fairs worldwide.
Forthcoming solo show Rarity Gallery Mykonos Greece 2011.