'Matter at the Edge', Ian Peter Smith

Painting featuring a purple curved shape in one corner

2009, Enamel on oil on plywood, 80 x 80 cm

Artist's statement

Matter at the edge is one of a series of works that uses a chance construct of a waveform generated by rolling a lemniscate, the lateral figure of eight form used in modern mathematics as the symbol for infinity, along a line. The waveform is sited within a 20-grid matrix and is reconstructed on the surface of the work using an icosahedron die. The results show both sections of the waveform and the necessary blanks which make up the matrix.
I have developed this process to explore a quantum aspect of making work, to tackle some of the beautiful but difficult concepts of theoretical particle physics.

This particular painting is involved with dark matter and 'brane' theory. Matter at the edge looks at how matter and dark matter might work at the very edge, or membrane, of our expanding universe. Conversely, this holds true at an atomic level, by showing how 'strong force' might work with quantum chromodynamics to map the trace of subatomic particles.

My practice as an artist explores the essential relationships and ideal possibilities of space within matter and matter within space.


Ian Peter Smith was born in Kingston- Upon-Thames in 1964. He studied at Kingston Polytechnic 1983-84 and Sheffield City Polytechnic 1984-87. His work has been in group exhibitions
including 'Resonance' Ramsgate Library Gallery Ramsgate 2003, 'Abstract Light' Outfitters Gallery Margate 2004, ' Margate Rocks' Margate 2004 and 'Turner Contemporary Open' Turner
Contemporary Project Space Margate 2009. Solo shows include 'Drawings' Tom Allen Centre Gallery London 1991, ' Sculpture Café' Gallery Projects London 1998, 'Scarborough Works' Scarborough Art Gallery 2005 and 'Ocean Matrix' Marlowe Theatre Canterbury 2005.