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'Make-up no.2', Zhang Aicun

2011, acrylic on canvas, 150 x 150 cm

Artist's statement

Make-up is indispensable for women. Modern city women have to wear all kinds of make-up every day. Make-up of varying qualities and prices on the market distinguishes women of different classes. Some people may buy fake brands with which to adorn
themselves. Society today is full of the true and false, the genuine and the fake. Different people play different roles in society.


Zhang Aicun was born in Yangzhou, Jiangsu in 1976. she studied at Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts (Handicraft Major) 1996-8, (Masters) 2006-9. Exhibitions include 'Xi'an Contemporary Youth Art Exhibition' Xi'an 2001, 'China Still Life Oil Painting Exhibition' Beijing 2004, 'Shanxi Youth Art Exhibition' Xi'an 2004, 'Dream
of the Tang Dynasty' Xi'an 2005, 'Back to the Soviet' Fangyin Gallery Beijing 2007, 'Xi'an Literature Exhibition' Xi'an 2007, 'Sugar-Zhang Aicun' (solo) Liao Cabinet Nno.17 Beijing 2008, ''Memories' 10 Years of Contemporary Art in Xi'an' Xi'an 2009,
'Relation' Xi'an 2009, 'Fine Collections from the End of the South Youth Art Exhibition Xi'an 2010, ''My People, My Homeland' National Oil Painting Exhibition' Beijing Xi'an 2010.