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'Waiting', Zheng Jiang

2011, oil on canvas, 200 x 250 cm

Artist's statement

We are going through an era of rapid and relentless economic development, but that process of development is also the cause of a 'vanishing'. We have lost much of great cultural value, whilst neglecting much that is inherently beautiful in the process. The
emptiness brought about by this vanishing is a faint ache. This painting is inspired by begonia flower patterns on a piece of glass. Its subject is mainly the life behind the glass. The refraction of light diffuses and blurs objects, producing a mottled colouration
and a florid yet fragmented feeling. I'm interested in 'vanishing' because its process contains a projection of time. And, by portraying this process, I can recall the disappearing and the disappeared around me and try to record and save them in my
own way.


Zheng Jiang was born in Jingyun, Zhejiang in 1980. He graduated from the Third Workshop, Oil Painting Department, China Central Academy of Fine Arts 2007 (Masters degree there, 2010).
Exhibitions include 'Time' Joint Exhibition of Zhengjiang and Fu Yingying Art Link Art Hong Kong 2010, 'All in the Game: The 7th Annual Exhibition of Dissertation Works in Painting from National Art Academies across China' He Xiangning Art Museum Shenzhen 2010, 'Say Hi To The Future' Hi Art 5th Anniversary
Exhibition Beijing 2011, 'Merry-Go-Round: The 3rd Chinese New Painting Award' Times Art Museum Beijing 2011, 'Face' Minsheng Art Museum Shanghai 2012, 'Anamnesis' Mizuma & one Gallery
Beijing 2012.