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'Aphasia', Hu Wenlong

2010, oil on canvas, 249 x 167 cm

Artist's statement

'Aphasia' (an impairment of language ability) describes my personal and muddled feelings towards oil painting. When I was in middle school, I was deeply attracted to the oil paintings of Chuck Close and to Richard Estes' super realism, even though I
knew very little at that time about what oil painting was. I put a lot of hope and effort into this painting. I want it to be closer to reality - not just the reality within the painting but also my actual feelings about life, especially in this 'so busy, can't stop' era. Aphasia has been haunting me since my adolescence. It disturbs me all the time but I just can't get rid of it. But now, with a deeper understanding of the world I'm living in, I have finally realised that Aphasia is nothing to me, compared with all the things in society that can render you speechless.


Hu Wenlong was born in Zhucheng, Chandong in 1986. he studied at the Minzu University of China 2007-11.