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'Being', Nie Zhengjie

2011, oil on canvas, 200 x 250 cm

'Being', Nie Zhengjie

Artist's statement

I feel migrant workers have been much misrepresented. They too live and love. Their lives are not simply about mere existence - they represent a vital life force. They devote their lives to the development of the city and are the connection between the city and the countryside. The growth of the city can't continue without them; it absorbs them, changing them as well.

They have dreams as high as these high-rises, despite being seen as just flesh and bone, as sightseeing objects for the city's tourists. standing among the crowds, in the busy streets, playing vulgar music on their cell-phones, they are alienated from the city's prosperity. In their spare time, they like playing cards, laughing and grinning with browned teeth and will happily fight their landlord over a five cent discrepancy. They can be so loud that the whole street can hear them. They can also be seen living, thriving and loving their life away.


Nie Zhengjie was born in Yunnan in 1982. He studied in the Oil Painting Department, College of Arts, Chongqing University 2002-6, and now lives and teaches in Chongqing. Exhibitions are
'Singapore International Art Fair' 2006, 2008, 2009, 'Shanghai Youth Biennial' 2007, 'China - The new Generation of Artists' Museo Della Permanente Milan 2008, 'The 1st Chongqing Biennial' 2009, 'Chengdu International Biennial' 2009, 'The 1st National Youth Artists Nomination Exhibition' Chengdu 2011,
'Chengdu Excellence Award' 2011, China-Japan-Korean BESETO Art Festival Tokyo. He participated in the 12th World Chinese Art Conference Hong Kong 2010.