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'M is Many', Ian Law

2011, oil on linen, 232.7 x 276.2 cm

Artist's statement

'M is Many' operates as a structure. It retains the dimensions of a wall previously installed within the gallery it was removed from. The M serves to delineate the proportions of the canvas, stating itself as a singular character whilst standing amongst the plurality of multiple readings.

The focus here does not fall upon gesture or authorship, but sets to move the work outside of its surface, implicating the viewer, artist and structure within its present context. How might we view a monument without a plaque?


Born in 1984, Ian Law lives and works in London, where he studied at the Royal College of Art 2007-9. Group exhibitions
include 'Session_3_Image' Am Nuden Da London 2009, 'Furnished Space' London 2009, 'A very, very long cat' Wallspace
New York 2010, 'History of Art, the' The David Roberts Art Foundation London 2010, 'Programme Three: The Studio as
Non-Place' Perth Institute of Contemporary Art Australia 2011,
'Young London' V22 Workspace London 2011.

Solo exhibitions include 'Add a description' Galeria Plan B Berlin 2011, 'Is many' Supplement London 2011, 'Co-' Laura Bartlett Gallery London 2011 and 'make sure' RODEO Istanbul 2012.

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