Room guide

Sculpture gallery

First floor

The first floor contains our major paintings and special exhibitions.We have changing exhibitions in our special exhibition galleries so visit our exhibitions pages to see what's on.




    • Room 1 and Room 2 - Medieval and Renaissance including Cranach, Holbein and Simone Martini
    • Room 3 and Room 4 - 17th Century including Poussin, Rembrandt, Rubens and Ruysdael
    • Room 518th Century including Gainsborough, Reynolds, Stubbs, Wilson and Wedgwood
    • Room 6 - Pre-Raphaelites including Millais, Hunt and Liverpool Pre-Raphaelites
    • Room 7 and Room 8 - 19th Century including Rossetti, Yeames and Turner
    • Room 9 - Changing displays, currently animals in art
    • Room 10Impressionists and Post-Impressionists including Monet, Cézanne, and Matisse
    • Room 11British Art, 1880 – 1950 including Spencer, Lowry and Freud
    • Rooms 12 to 14 - Arts Council Collection 
    • Room 15 Modern and Contemporary, 1950 to now including Hockney and Ben Johnson

Ground floor

The ground floor has a craft and design gallery, sculpture gallery and children's gallery.




Paintings off display

If you would like to see a particular artwork, please contact the gallery before you visit to make sure it is on display.

18 of our paintings are on tour around Japan until July 2016. We will be changing our displays to show hidden gems from our collections instead. Find out more about this on the blog