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Room eleven

British art 1880-1950

Photo of bright modern gallery space

Room 11 showcases works by Jacob Epstein, Paul Nash, LS Lowry and Lucian Freud alongside the Merseyside artists Albert Richards and George Jardine. Other highlights include furniture by Morris & Co and ceramics by the Martin Brothers and Bernard Leach.

This room also includes new interactive and audio-visual features:

    • An interactive timeline showing the major changes in British art during this period, including archive images and video.


    • An audio soundscape for the painting 'Off to the Fishing Grounds' by Alexander Stanhope Forbes.


  • Tactile image books with accompanying braille descriptions, for visitors with visual impairment.

Watch our paintings come to life!

Ask the 'Two Jamaican Girls' by Augustus John a question in our interactive gallery and see what they say about life in Jamaica.

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Room highlights include: