Rooms twelve to fifteen

1950 - now

Paintings off display

If you would like to see a particular artwork, please contact the gallery before you visit to make sure it is on display.

Rooms 12-15 will be closed from 18 July until November 2016 while we make improvements to the galleries as part of our new partnership with the Arts Council Collection. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Room 12

This room covers the period from the late 1940s to the early 1970s. During this time some artists moved away from realistic, figurative work to making abstract and conceptual work. Many of the artworks were acquired from the John Moores Painting Prize competition exhibitions.

Room highlights include:

  • 'Hermaphrodite', Allen Jones
  • 'Meat Painting II' - In Memoriam Rene Magritte', Adrian Henri

Room 12 at the Walker Art Gallery

Room 13

The improvisation of the 1960s was replaced by an altogether slicker approach to painting in the 1970s. The influence and humour of Pop art can still be seen in some of the work. During the 1980s a new generation of younger artists emerged. They reacted against conceptual art, prompting a renewed interest in contemporary painting.

Room highlights include:

  • 'Still life: Autumn fashion', Patrick Caulfield
  • 'Blotter', Peter Doig

Rooms 14 and 15

British art has been more popular than ever in recent years. Although video and installation art have often grabbed the headlines, painting, photography and sculpture have also flourished. The gallery has carried on its strong association with painting, continuing to acquire works from the John Moores exhibitions and other sources. The Walker is also expanding its late 20th century and contemporary holdings in the fields of photo-based work, video, sculpture, drawing and printmaking.

Room highlights include: